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The Newest Innovation in
Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure

REVOLV has been built with one goal: to deliver an hHCI platform that is truly built to make security IT ready. REVOLV gives today’s security professional a complete answer to the challenges of today and the tests of tomorrow.

Peace of Mind for the Security Integrator

REVOLV Hybrid Hyperconverged Infrastructure is the security integrator’s answer to the number of constantly evolving demands in the video surveillance and security industry. While this best-in-class hardware delivers maximum performance, the five and seven-year, Keep Your Hard Drive warranties guarantee peace of mind. 

REVOLV Key Features

REVOLV, the products within the product line (Deepstor LITE, Deepstor, and Deepstor+), are an innovative new solution to reducing or eliminating the inefficiencies often presented by infrastructure in the video surveillance space: large hardware footprint, high power and cooling costs, multiple OS and software systems, and limited resources dedicated to each server.

  1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Scalability
  3. Fast Disaster Recovery
  4. Shared Resources
  5. Remote Erase
  6. Greater Data Protection

REVOLV and the HARMONIZE Software Suite give you system that is managed through a familiar GUI (VMS) and is backed by BCD’s 20 years of industry experience. Each part of the HARMONIZE Software Suite optimizes REVOLV and brings you a system that gives you more: more tools, more control, and more peace of mind.

Need To Make A Quick Pivot?

The BCD International REVOLV Rescue Program was created to assist you in the event your current hardware provider has forced you into an unexpected pivot. Using REVOLV with DEEPSTOR, DEEPSTOR LITE or DEEPSTOR+, we can reuse some or all of your current hardware to allow a seamless move from the old to the new.

For more info: 1-833-REVOLV-1 or